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"This is the BEST Membership to Help You Lose Weight & Stop Binge Eating once and for all!"

  • Are you trying many different things to recover, but you always end up binge eating again?
  • ​Are you trying many different diets, but you never keep the weight off long-term? 
  • ​Are you unsure if your current strategy to eat intuitively, cut out sugars, avoid carbs, or count calories is even the right strategy to recover from binge eating?
  • ​​Are you telling yourself after your massive nightly binge, "I will do better tomorrow!!" but you secretly know that it won't last and you will binge again?  

It's OK, you aren't a hopeless case and NO, you aren't addicted to food. You just applied the WRONG strategies to recover, and to lose weight long-term...

"My whole mindset around food has totally changed, and I'm like I'm a different person. I really feel free!" - Mitch

You Get When Join The Membership Today

  • ​A monthly Q&A, where you get the unique opportunity to ask Celine your most-burning question and get HER feedback so you can always ensure you are on the right track to transform your body and relationship with food!
  • A growing resource library with every single feedback from Celine to each member from the monthly Q&A!
  • Access to Celine's Community Group where all members, clients, and community is at. In this group, you can ask Qs to other members & network! 
  • Bonus Trainings inside of the membership with strategies Celine doesn't share publicly anywhere.
  • Join our empowering Mini Course, "Crave Control 101: Lose Weight By Building Mental Strength to Resist Binge Cravings" always happening midway through the month,​​ which is focused on helping you resist binge cravings!

"This membership is YOUR constant support system! You'll plug into the trainings inside the membership, get a monthly Q&A with Celine, and connect with others in the community. It's just incredible!" - Daniel 

Just picture how your life could be...

  • ​you come home from a stressful day at work, and you can wind down without 3 packages of chips and a bucket of ice cream
  • ​you finally wear a bikini for a summer swim instead of staying home with the blinds closed
  • ​you can get intimate again with your partner without any shame of showing your body, and even leave the lights on
  • ​you can attend birthday parties again without the anxiety of wanting to eat the entire platter of food in front of all of your friends

Here are all of the FREE BONUSES that you're going to get when you sign up for the "Master Recovery and Weight Loss Membership"

FREE BONUS #1 (99€ Value)

Learn the Secret Formula to withstand any urge to binge.

👉🏻  You'll get access to our Secret Formula Lesson, where we break down the exact strategy Celine used to train herself to WITHSTAND ANY URGE! 

👉🏻 This is NOT shared anywhere on Celine's social media accounts!

FREE BONUS #2 (197€ Value)

Learn how Celine builds her healthy meals that lead to her 50LBS WEIGHT LOSS! 

👉🏻 Learn in this Quick Guide exactly what Celine's focussed on with her meals to not only lose 50 lbs but also SUSTAIN her 50 lbs weight loss!

👉🏻 This Quick Guide right here will help you to sustain your weight loss for a LIFETIME!

"I have been working on this for many years before meeting you and never been successful. You are the right person at the right time to free myself from this!" - Dani 

FREE BONUS #3 (297€ Value)

Discover the Exact Strategy to eat your trigger foods again and NOT binge! 

👉🏻  Become this person who reaches for only one cookie and then stops!

👉🏻  Learn how you can eat something sugary and tasty and NOT immediately go into overeating mode!

👉🏻  If you know you're meant to live a life without constantly fearing and avoiding your binge foods, you're going to want to binge this class!

FREE BONUS #4 (197€ Value)

A Motivational Coaching Audio from Celine to help you NOT to give in to your urges! 

👉🏻  A motivating coaching audio from Celine to guarantee your success to withstand your urges!

👉🏻  You'll learn to stay calm and unwavering when urges occur! 


This is the most incredible and transformational membership on the internet, and to make it even more life-changing for you...

We added this FREE BONUS TEACHING (397€ Value) on top...

This FREE BONUS Teaching is what you need to get yourself from 'Victim Mindset' to a 'Powerful Mindset' that gives you back full control when intense urges occur! 

When you sign up today, you get this powerful teaching ON TOP of everything else!

In this FREE BONUS Teaching, you'll learn:

👉🏻  Learn what mindset Celine has developed to never be the victim of her urges ever again and regain total control!

👉🏻  If you are constantly living in fear of your urges and want to go from fearful to unbothered, this training will give you everything you need to be successful.

👉🏻  You'll learn how to develop a powerful mindset to be unfazed urges come up!

👉🏻  If you aren't already applying the strategy from this teaching, you're going to want to apply it ASAP!

"I'm not scared anymore when urges occur. I can deal with them and most, importantly NOT GIVE INTO THEM!" - Lucie 

So, What Are You Waiting For?

When You Sign Up Today, You Get All Of This...

  • Master Recovery & Weight Loss Membership + Mini Course "Crave Control 101: Lose Weight By Building Mental Strength to Resist Binge Cravings"...(497€ Value)
  • ​Monthly Q&A with Celine...(497€ Value)
  • Secret Formula to Withstand any Urge to Binge...(99€ Value)
  • ​Quick Guide for -50LBS Weight Loss Meals...(197€ Value)
  • ​The Strategy to Eat Trigger Foods again Without Binging...(297€ Value)
  • ​Motivational Coaching Audio to Not Give into Urges...(197€ Value)

BONUS! Teaching to go from a Weak to a Powerful Mindset .................(397€ Value)

Total Value: 2181€  

Join today for 37.99€/month (for the first 50 people)

After price will go up to 49.99€! 

WAIT! There's more for YOU!

YES!!! Because we believe in you that are committed to your recovery, to finally be free from binge eating FOREVER, achieve your desired body weight, stop eating whenever you want and sustain your weight loss for life...

WE added something on top...AGAIN!

If you sign up right now for 6 MONTHS, you get 15% OFF + a FREE 30 min coaching session with Celine on her coaching app ON TOP with a topic of your choice! 

THIS IS INSANE, WE KNOW! But we want you to feel like a true Recovery Fighter! 

Only 3 Simple Steps to Join

1. Fill Out All Your Details

2. Choose Your Plan (1 or 6 months)

3. Check Your Emails For Access Details

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a minimum commitment to join?

A: There's no minimum! You can stay as long as you'd like inside of the membership and cancel your subscription anytime. Your subscription (1 month or six months) will auto-renew, which means you have to cancel it yourself if you'd like to leave after 1 or six months. 

Q: When the price of the membership will increase will I have to pay extra?

A: No. As a founding member for being among the first 50, Celine wants you to feel special. When you're in the membership, and the price goes up to 49.99€, you will stay locked in in your founding member price of 37.99€. You'll also won't pay extra for any new trainings that Celine will add to the membership.

Q: Can I just watch the videos to lose weight or stop binge eating?

A: No. While the videos (daily tips & monthly Q&A) provide valuable strategies and information, it's important to emphasise that your success ultimately depends on your commitment to actually implement what you learned.

The membership serves as a fantastic resource, but true change requires consistent effort and dedication on your part.
If you ever feel the need for my personalised support to implement what you learned, you can always reach out to me to talk about 1:1 support.

Q: I like being underweight, and I don't want to gain weight. Can I still use your approach to resist cravings?

A: No. Maintaining an unhealthy and unsustainable body weight requires being hungry (or using unhealthy methods to restrict), giving your brain a fundamental reason to be in survival mode and produce your cravings. My approach to breaking the binge eating habit and learning to resist binge cravings won't be applicable in this case.
The primary goal of this membership is to provide you with all the resources you need to stop binge eating, and lose weight in a sustainable and non-restrictive way by creating a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits.

As a company, we prioritise health, balance, and sustainable lifestyle changes, which are essential for long-term well-being. We do not support or encourage unhealthy behaviours, such as maintaining an unhealthy body weight

Q: When will I stop binge eating completely?

A: It all depends on the amount of action you take! The sooner you sign up for the membership and start taking action with everything Celine teaches you...the sooner you'll be on your road to overcoming binge eating! 

Q: When will I reach my desired healthy dream body?

A: The same applies here, like with stopping binge eating. It depends on the amount of action you take and your willingness to make healthy lifestyle changes. One of our core values is to do it healthily and sustainably. You won't find any quick-fix approaches here, which, ultimately, will only lead you back to binge eating again.

Q: How does the Q&A work?

A: The Q&A will happen midway through the month. From the 1st until the 14th, you'll have the opportunity inside the membership to submit your question to Celine for feedback. Then the Q&A will close, and she will answer all members' questions in one video that she will upload.

Q: How does the 30-minute coaching session work?

A: All info on how to book the session and how it will work is available inside your membership portal. It will be a coaching conversation on Voxer (messaging app), not live a 1:1 call that Celine will prepare beforehand to give you her best support. 

Q: Will this membership really help me? I have already tried so many things....

A: Celine created this membership with your transformation as her main priority. 

She wants you to be at a place where they get everything they need to recover as quickly as possible and finally feel confident in their bodies again. 

Because she has once been in your shoes, she understands what you are going through and what strategies you need on a much deeper level than anyone else! 

She doesn't and won't ever hold back any information. Everything she teaches are her EXACT STEPS you need to recover or lose weight healthily! 

Recovery Fighter

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