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If you're struggling with Binge Eating and Losing Weight, join Celine's Broadcast Channel and receive Daily Tips right to your phone!

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  • Daily Coaching Monday through Friday, where Celine will send you brief and potent tips right to your inbox on how to recover and lose weight!
  • ​On top of that, you will be invited to join her free Facebook Community, where you can connect with other members.

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Meet Your Mentor

THE Mentor Who Has Been Through It All Herself

Celine is a recovery mentor who was once in your shoes. Before knowing how to recover, she was stuck in the binge cycle for 8 years, gaining more and more weight every day.

When she decided to go against what she had been taught in therapy and by other online coaches, she stopped binge eating after a few months and lost 50 lbs over a more extended time without any dieting.

Her approach to treating binge eating behaviour as a habit, in addition to stopping any dieting and creating daily healthy habits that help you lose weight naturally, is the proven approach that she helps her clients daily to achieve the same she did.

Celine knows exactly what mental battles you are facing and what coaching strategies you need to not give in to your urges because she has done it all herself. And therefore, she knows how to support you in the most effective way more than anyone who has never been through recovery.

How It Looks Like Once You Signed Up For The Broadcast Channel

Every day, when your daily coaching message hits your phone, you get excited because it feels like you have me right with you giving you a new tip again, helping you progress even further, e.g. withstanding your urges, dealing with any relapses, eating more healthily, etc.

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Picture This...

  • ​You finally lose weight without dieting or being hungry, and keep it off this time too.
  • ​You are stronger than any intense craving and can easily withstand them.
  • ​You don't have any obsessive thoughts about food or binge eating any more. 
  • ​Never ever do you have to say to yourself, "Tomorrow I will do better!" - THAT IS HISTORY FOREVER! 

3 Simple Steps to Join

1. Fill Out Your All Details

2. Check Your Email or Spam Folder

3. Follow the Access Instructions 

PS. Want to Get the Broadcast Channel for FREE?

Every member of the Master Recovery & Weight Loss Membership has access to the channel at no extra cost! Check out the membership by CLICKING HERE


Q: What will the daily tips be about?

A: The daily messages (Mo-Fr) from Celine will contain short but potent tips or messages that contain valuable information to help you overcome binge eating and lose weight. Examples: A thought-provoking message to help you change, or she'll share something that helped her back in her recovery or with helping past clients recover and lose weight. It can also be a message to help shift your mindset towards something. 

Q: Is there a minimum monthly commitment? 

A: No. You cancel your subscription anytime. Your monthly subscription will auto-renew, meaning you must cancel it yourself if you'd like to leave. After purchasing, you will get a link to your customer portal to update your subscription.

Q: Can I ask questions in the broadcast channel?

A: Only Celine can send messages. You won't be able to respond. However, you will get access to the FB Group, where you can connect and ask other members questions. But to ask Celine for advice, you need to join her coaching programs or membership.

Q: Will I get the broadcast channel for free if I am a member of Celine's membership?

A: Correct! Every member of the Master Recovery & Weight Loss Membership has access to the channel at no extra cost! To have a look at the membership, CLICK HERE.
If you'd like to upgrade later on, you can always do that too. Reach out to @recoverwithceline on Instagram and we will refund you for your remaining time in the month if you have days left and transfer you to your new program.

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