Welcome to the Healthy Habits Membership!

The BEST membership to help you break free from binge eating & yo-yo dieting, and finally lose weight forever.

  • Are you ready to learn to resist ANY craving to binge on ice cream, cookies, & chips?
  • Are you ready to have the most amazing weight loss transformation?
  • Are you ready to feel AMAZING and CONFIDENT when you in the mirror?
  • Are you ready to feel HAPPINESS when you put the clothes that you love? 

If yes… The Healthy Habits Membership was MADE FOR YOU!

Is This What You Are Currently Going Through?

  • You come home from work, try to eat a healthy dinner, but the cravings to binge hit you every time.
  • You envy other people eating healthy meals and beat yourself up about why you want to overeat all of the time.
  • You've spent so much money on personal trainers, nutritionists, and weight loss programs, only to lose a bit of weight and then regain all of it.
  • All you want to do is have ice cream with your kids or say yes to pizza night with your husband, but you fear weight gain and loss of control.
  • You are sick and tired of this never-ending binge and diet cycle that makes you miserable. You just want to look good and feel good.
  • You feel like it's time to finally feel good in your skin and be free from the obsession of food.

Just Imagine How Your Life Could Be After You Join The Membership:

  • How amazing it’ll feel to not wake up bloated and feeling guilty from last night's binge.
  • How content you'll feel when you go to the gym, come home, and cook a healthy dinner without sabotaging everything with a binge afterward.
  • How worry-free and happy you'll feel that you can finally go out with friends again for dinner without fearing you'll want to binge.
  • How relaxing it will feel knowing what habits you have to do daily that lead to weight loss just by living your life (yes, you can lose weight like that, and it's the most effective way to keep the weight OFF too!)
  • The joy of being in great shape and knowing you will never binge again—this is the best feeling ever, trust me.

How The Healthy Habits Membership Will Help You Get There:

  • Dealing with urges strategies that I’ve used to master resisting urges and stop binging after only a few months.
  • My approcach to lose weight, keep it off and not trigger binging that I used to lose over 50 lbs in total, NOT relapse, and still keep this weight loss until this day - all without dieting!
  • You'll learn how to develop the mindset that you need to recover and lose weight. Whether you are in a victim mindset or in a powerful mindset determines if you will reach your goals. No recovery coach covers this, this is truly special!
  • Weekly Custom Support from me to keep you on track! You can choose how much support you want (details below).
  • A private community just for members of the Healthy Habits Membership to connect, hold each other accountable, ask questions, share struggles, build friendships, and get motivated by one another.

The Healthy Habits Membership is your ticket to get there if you put all the strategies to consistent practice! 

You Chose How Much Custom Support You Need

The level you choose will determine how much personal and custom support you will get from me. You can start Level 1 for 1€ and before the 7 days end you can join Level 2 or Level 3 if you want to. Within the membership you can always move to another level if you desire so.

Level 1: Beginner

  • Level 1 is perfect for starters who are not ready to commit to close proximity coaching yet or for anyone who is more progressed and just wants occasional support.
  • Ask me one question every week and get personal support.
  • ​€14.99 a month only.

Level 2: Advanced

  • The Advanced Level is where you get more custom support to resist cravings, overcome binge eating and shed pounds.
  • Tuesday + Wednesday of chat support (you can ask unlimited questions). This is more intensive support compared to Level 1.
  • ​You will receive support in the form of a text message or video reply. No live calls. (How to receive support is all clearly explained inside the membership).
  • I check in 2x times per day and go deep with you. I get to know you and respond with custom strategies.

Level 3: Pro

  • If you're looking for very close proximity support to develop the mental strength to resist cravings, get unlimited questions answered, receive my personal strategies and weight loss tips daily, all customized to your life; this is the space! 🚀👍
  • Here's where I can really get to know you, identify your mental barriers, find your gaps and hold you accountable. This will be the highest commitment to your health journey. 
  • Monday through Friday chat support from me. You will be my VIP! I I will check in 2x times per day with you. 
  • ​You'll receive instructions on how to join our coaching app once you join. We will be in close contact Mo-Fr through daily text messages or voice memos. No live calls. This is exclusive 1:1 coaching.
    • The minimum commitment is 12 weeks.


    I added some amazing gifts for you to top it off because this is the best membership to lose weight & stop bingeing on this planet.

    FREE Gift #1 ($97 Value)


    👉🏻 You’ll learn how I structure my meals to lose 50 lbs and sustain the weight loss to this day so you can achieve the same!

    👉🏻 You won’t ever need to crash diet again and be hungry all the time. Losing weight will turn from a struggle to almost effortless! 

    FREE Gift #2 ($97 Value)


    👉🏻 You’ll be triggered and motivated to resist urges and keep sticking to your intentions so you don't sabotage your weight loss efforts again.

    FREE Gift #3 ($197 Value)


    👉🏻 You’ll learn a simple but very effective strategy to help you practice resisting urges so you can go from fearful to UNBOTHERED when urges arise and stop sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

    👉🏻 I don’t share this strategy anywhere! It is exclusive for members!

    FREE Gift #4 ($297 Value)


    👉🏻 This simple strategy is exclusive for members too, and I never share this online. You will learn how to master eating trigger foods without bingeing. This will help you relax around those foods again, enjoy them in moderation, and with that, MAKE WEIGHT LOSS HAPPEN!

    👉🏻 PS. This was the last missing piece in my recovery. I needed this strategy to break out completely and be free forever.

    When You Sign Up Today, You Get ALL Of The Following:

    • Hours of pre-recorded modules inside the Healthy Habits Membership that teach you the fundamentals of resisting cravings, building healthy habits for weight loss, developing a powerful mindset, … ($697 value)👇🏻
    • ​FREE Gift #1: How I eat for 50 lbs weight loss ($97 value)
    • FREE Gift #2: A motivational and eye-opening coaching talk ($97 value)
    • ​FREE Gift #3: Secret strategy to practice resisting urges with ease ($197 value)
    • FREE Gift #4: How to include your trigger foods and not binge ($297 value)
    • A resource library of video replies to members' questions ($197 value)
    • Plus, high-level custom support from my with varying amounts depending on your level, which will save you years of trying it all by yourself (the value of getting years back in your life is priceless!)

    How To Decide Your 
    Support Level:

    👉🏻 My personal recommendation is if you are ready to invest, and your binge eating is more severe (at least 1-2x happening per week) and you prefer having a coach by your side for added support, choose the closest proximity level. The more feedback you receive from a coach, the better equipped you'll be to avoid mistakes.

    👉🏻 If you want to discuss and decide on the best support level for you, reach out to me on Instagram, and we'll make that decision together.

    👉🏻 It's also possible to always change the levels you are on!

    FAQ + Terms & Conditions

    Q: What are the terms for joining the membership?

    A: You join on a month-to-month basis except for Level Pro, where you have to stay a minimum of 12 weeks. You can cancel anytime. Your subscription will auto-renew, which means you have to cancel it inside the membership if you'd like to leave after 1 month or 12 weeks.

    By purchasing you agree that for all programs, you are responsible for completing the total payment regardless if you leave the program early or do not complete it in the time frame of the program. Since this is a subscription, you must manually cancel it yourself; otherwise, you will be auto-enrolled for the next month or 12 weeks, depending on your plan. There are no refunds. You can cancel at any time. There's a 7-day cancellation period for all plans. The 7-day trial has a 24h cancellation period.

    Q: What if I want to sign up for Level 2 or Level 3 immediately?

    You can do so by sending Celine a message. She'll set that up for you.

    Q: What are the terms for leaving the membership?

    A: To cancel your subscription and avoid any unwanted charges, please ensure that you request cancellation inside the membership at least 7 days before your subscription is set to renew. If your cancellation request is not processed in time, and the monthly fee has already been charged, we won't be able to provide a refund.

    For example, if you joined on August 15th, you should initiate the cancellation process by August 8th to ensure that your subscription does not auto-renew on the 15 th of the following month and result in a charge for the following month. If you wait until August 14th as an example, and the monthly fee is deducted before we have time to can cancel it, we won't be able to refund that charge.

    Please be mindful of the 7-day notice period to prevent any deductions or withdrawals from your account.

    There are NO refunds. If decide to leave early, before your subscription ends, we won’t give any refunds.

    If you are on a trail, allow for at least a 24h notice period.

    Q: Can I change levels any time if I want more support?

    A: Yes. Whenever you need more assistance from Celine to stop binge eating or lose weight, you can simply move up to the next level. You can do this from within the membership.

    Q: Is there really that much value inside of the membership?

    A: Yes! Everything that is stated above is included in the membership. Your transformation is my primary focus!

    I strongly believe that a great service-based business is built upon and lasts through great customer transformations. I really share everything you need to recover and lose weight in this membership - ALL the strategies I used to recover within just a few months and lose 50 lbs as a result. On top of that, the custom support from me allows us to go deeper into your specific situation and apply the strategies together.

    All of my previous clients LOVED my principles and coaching. My goal is to get you your confidence back when looking in the mirror. I want you to love your body and eat carefree without anxiety and have knowledge to eat in a way that doesn't restrict you but supports your great new body shape!

    Q: When at some point the price of the membership will increase, will I have to pay extra?

    A: No. You will stay locked into your price. Whenever new modules are added or the price increases, you won’t pay extra.

    Q: How does the support work? Where does Celine coach me or where do I submit my questions?

    A: Don’t worry; everything is clearly explained in each membership level once you join.

    Q: Is it enough to just watch the videos to lose weight or stop binge eating without applying the strategies?

    A: No. While the modules provide valuable strategies and information, it's important to emphasize that your success ultimately depends on your commitment to actually implement what you learned. Change requires consistent effort applying the strategies that you learned.

    Q: I like being underweight, and I don't want to gain weight. Can I still use the principles to resist my cravings?

    A: No. Maintaining an unhealthy and unsustainable body weight which requires being hungry (or using unhealthy methods to restrict), will give your brain a fundamental reason to be in survival mode and produce strong binge or overeating cravings. The principles to breaking the binge eating habit and learning to resist binge cravings won't be applicable in this case.

    The primary goal of this membership is to provide you with all the resources you need to stop binge eating and lose weight in a sustainable and non-restrictive way by creating a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits. 

    As a company, we prioritize health, balance, and sustainable lifestyle changes, which are essential for long-term well-being. We do not support or encourage unhealthy behaviors, such as maintaining an unhealthy body weight.

    Any questions about the membership? 
    DM me on Instagram here or send me an email to celine@bingeeatingrecoverymadesimple.info

    If you don't have any questions… I can't wait to see you inside!

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    The content of this membership has been made for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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